Antique Autos

Car Collector — Classic Auto Insurance is the key to protecting your investment

Let’s face it, old cars are very cool! For you, they are an important investment as part of your lifestyle. You invest smartly for this passion with time and money to collect and show your favorite car or cars of yesteryear. You need to protect that investment and Classic Auto insurance is the ultimate key for you to protect those prized possessions.

We know that you are a savvy collector interested in owning, maintaining and above all protecting the value you’ve spent on your favorite motoring antiques of a bygone era. Let us recommend for you the right type of insurance coverage for your car.

How can Classic Auto Insurance work for you and how much do you need?

We provide you with a couple of options to determine the coverage that will provide you peace of mind and protection on your investment.

1) You may fill in our form with the information on your model, make, year, and other information on the motor size, body, etc. and one of our insurance experts will contact you directly with a confidential quote.

2) Our user-friendly on-line insurance estimator tool covers most of the antique models of the past. Select from the button menus to narrow down to your exact vehicle and the tool will recommend the right amount of protection and the cost to you on a monthly or yearly premium basis.

And if you ever need to file a claim, our claim service department provides a quick review and response to your needs. Just follow the outlined process in our claim section and you will receive the most immediate and professional care you should expect.

You do deserve an assurance that the time, effort and, money hard spent for your passion in classic automobiles will never go to waste. Antique Auto Insurance is your precise key to protecting your antique automobile investment.